Q & A: What are some good occupation/job suggestions for those on the autism spectrum and others who wish to be alone as much as possible?

The best job I ever had was testing prototype cars for Roush. We had a set pattern, driving across the plains for the first 3 hours, then up into the mountains for the next 4 hours. Though we drove in a small group it was still like going on an eternal road trip. Just me, great tunes, and some of the most beautiful landscape in America. Best of all, no one was breathing down my neck. As an added bonus I drove the night shift. As a natural night owl anyway the hours were ideal and we had the roads more or less to ourselves.

The only downside was when it snowed. Mountain driving in a snowstorm is not fun, and some of the roads they had us going down were not paved, very steep, narrow, twisting and no guard rails. I have a few white hairs from nights like that. Even so, if they offered me the job again right this second I’d take it!

Roush Industries – Test Driver, Vehicle Evaluator


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