Q & A: Will Trump lead to the downfall of the USA?

Woah. That’s quite a question! And just a tiny bit slanted. 😉 I’m not sure why you asked me to answer it, but I’ll see what I can do, with the disclaimer that I am a citizen with a high IQ. I am NOT a political expert.

No one person is powerful enough to lead to the downfall of this country. Not even the President. But as a symptom / symbol of a horribly dysfunctional political environment, it’s hard to beat Trump. I could make the same statement about Hillary Clinton. The last campaign cycle was off the charts for boneheaded mistakes on all sides. The few who tried to draw attention to what was going on were shouted down.

The charges of corruption are very disturbing, though not terribly surprising. The Clinton campaign has been charged with rigging their party to favor her nomination over Bernie Sanders. I tend to believe those charges are accurate. The Trump campaign has been charged with conspiring with Russia to rig the entire thing. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true, and I think Russia certainly was involved, I suspect Trump’s personal involvement was minimal. He probably knew they’d try, and assumed all involved are too powerful to be held accountable, even if they got caught. So the only reason he wasn’t more hands-on was because he didn’t really care.

I could go on, but the facts before us are well documented. I think of our political system like a house eaten by termites. The exterior might seem “business as usual” but it’s being eaten away from within until the entire structure is on the verge of collapse. Trump is a big cockroach. He may be what topples the thing into sawdust. But if he does it’s because of failure at EVERY level. The corporate owned media is a farce. The people – where are the people? How could so many buy into so many lies? The train may wear Trump’s face, but all involved are to blame for the wreck.