Q & A: How does a 14 year old save up money to leave home?

Unfortunately, the legal system is already against you. You aren’t old enough to sign a legal contract. Which means you won’t be able to find a place to live or to hold a job until you’re either legally emancipated either by age or court order.

If you start your own business your parents will have to start a bank account for you, as well as fill out the legal paperwork. If you go into child acting or modeling, same deal.

So, without having to deal with contracts I’d default to the old standbys. Recycle. Pick up every piece of trash that has value. Babysit. If that isn’t your thing, petsit. Go door-to-door asking if your neighbors need help with anything – yardwork is just getting going at this time of year. Offer to wash cars after a storm. If you’re getting good grades or have a special skill you could tutor.

If you’re still able to talk to your parents at all, ask them to set up a bank account for you. There’s no need to tell them why. Tell them you want to learn about money management or anything else that floats your boat. If you can do that, and you’re crafty, you can try selling things on Etsy or Ebay.

I was scrolling around and found this and this. Word to the wise – proceed with caution. There’s lots of opportunities out there. There’s also lots of people trying to take advantage of someone with less experience. Check things out ahead of time if you can, make sure it’s legit. I wish you the best.